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Published April 18, 2012

This week’s banner art was created using Colors 3D, a very cool eShop drawing app.

Now accepting applicants for future Rumble consultants. This week, the guys touch upon Fez and its five-year journey to Xbox Live. Can it possibly live up to the hype? Does it still stand out from all of the other quirky downloadable platformers? Meanwhile, Kaz is looking for a buddy to play Shoot Many Robots with him, while Justin digs the open expanses of Xenoblade. Plus, Skullgirls‘ boobageddon, Ketzal’s Corridors, Spirit Camera‘s disappointed AR silliness, Steam Punky-Brewster, Duudle versus Draw Something, Bethesda’s Dishonored, Harrison Ford’s “The Witness” and five minutes of dreams.

Relevant Links:

Dishonored Site

Fez Monolith Watch (spoilers within)


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