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Published April 4, 2012

Put on your official Rumble Goggles and behold the Kid Icarus AR card madness. This week, Tom and Kaz look on in horror as the resident “gazelle of the city” plots his route to PAX East’s Nintendo booth. But the Pack is not in Boston just yet! There are still lots of post-Mass-Effect-3 palate  cleansers to discuss. Tom brings back the greased watermelon in Vanquish, Kaz has scarf jealousy in Journey and Justin stocks up on cans of beans in Lone Survivor. Plus, Shirley Temples, new consoles theoretically blocking used games, forcing children to play Pikmin, looking at sounds, the 3DS stand, hollowed-out buttocks and even more of both Kid Icarus: Uprising and Sine Mora.

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