Episode 231: Phil Coffins and Ghoulia Child

You bring the pogs, and we’ll bring the slammers! This week’s packed show starts off with a voicemail about game industry dream jobs. After that (and lots of mid-90s toy-talk), Mass Effect 3 takes the stage. The guys discuss the major choices made, “Chobot,” Chimichanga and combat preferences in the first of many massy updates to come. Justin rolls through the deserts of Dillon’s Rolling Western, Tom celebrates Dys4ia‘s thoughtful storytelling and Kaz wonders how he can get better at DoDonPachi Maximum. Plus, Scarriet Tubman, the origami killer, tripping on goofballs, GDC observations, Draw Something and stagnating genres.

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ThePack This podcast is a celebration of the social aspects of gaming. We were “smash brothers” long before we became the ‘Pack, and we continue to game with each other on a regular basis. If you look beyond all of the media sensationalism and message board wankery, you’ll discover that video games can help form bonds that will last forever. We’re living proof of that – we’re not jaded journalists (not yet, at least), we’re not tournament players and we’re certainly not fanboys. We’re just folks who love to play and discuss games with each other, and we hope to extend this friendship to our listeners with every installment.