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Published December 8, 2011

Goodbye babies, hello Metal Mario? This week, the guys are power-sliding through Mario Kart 7, and our community is now accepting fellow blue shell enthusiasts. Kaz introduces “Blueberry Flanksteak” to the latest Terraria patch, Tom joins the Modern Warfare 3 bandwagon and Justin is buried in 3DS hats. Plus, “Fred Claus” in your face, more Vita pricing speculation, the new “Might Ducks 2,” the purple Sour Patch kid, Infinity Blade II, sad tales of gaming excess and visit from our resident ghost.

Relevant Links:

Sour Patch Kids Oops All Berries (seriously, we’ll ease up on candy talk next week)

Car Talk

Filmspotting (formerly with Matty Robinson)

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