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Published August 26, 2011

It’s that time of the year again, when all of nerd-dom meets in Seattle, Washington and tries to cram itself in the smallest amount of space possible. After going to three PAX events in the past, I’m going to attempt to do this one differently. Instead of desperately trying to talk to everyone on the show floor and stressing out running to and from meetings and demos, I’m going to endeavor to enjoy the show and bring back some of the audio of talking with all the developers and interesting people on the show floor.

I’ve taken a lot of requests of things to check out and I’m going to spend all Saturday playing those games and talking to the developers if at all possible and that’s it. It’s far too easy to make your PAX a blur and miss out on enjoying anything in favor of trying to see everything. I’ll make a note of what I see and dump raw audio and photos in this article as fast as I can.

Spy Party: Outside of the heavy hitters, this was one small game that had a consistent crowd gathering to watch and play. The line was split by skill level and creator Chris Hecker was on hand to fix glitches, give out tutorials and squash bugs to get the best possible experience into as many people’s hands as possible. I spoke at length with Chris concerning the game, the process and the feedback he was getting.

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