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Published July 29, 2011

We finally made it! In this extra-long, extra-self-indulgent episode, the Pack takes your calls and answers all of the questions you’ve been asking over the years. There is some Summer of Arcade and 3DS price drop chatter, but the show is mainly a celebration of all the good times we’ve had together. Tune in for rotating meats, Professor Badass, a long lost Rumble side quest, occasional dead air and best of all, the surprise return of the world’s spookiest ghost.

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  1. Two of my favorite memories are listing off every GI Joe in ep98, hilarious and a string of episodes 86-88 where Justin taught us a little about human anatomy and annunciation.

    Also, if anyone wants a copy of the quotes, send me a facebook or twitter msg with your e-mail.

    Facebook: shawn.plaisance
    Twitter: nwahs086

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