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Published April 21, 2011

Toasty! This week, the Rumble Pack kicks back with the Skittles ninjas in the latest Mortal Kombat. Apparently, this one’s actually good (despite the Shiva inclusion). But all of that pastrami and cheese is overshadowed by this week’s even bigger release, Portal 2, and Kaz has the full scoop on that, too. Justin sends his Ludicolo into an eternal nightmare in Pokémon‘s Global Link and confirms that Okamiden is, indeed, a game, while Nick and Tom clash with the excellent Might & Magic‘s epic load times. Plus, a visa to Brown Town, outdated hobo tricks, Copernicus, barfing emoticons, Wii 2 hopes and an anti-catch phrase that won’t go away.

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  1. mik mik

    “Going to Brown Town with your temporary visa” sounds like a euphemism for visiting a gas station restroom using a key attached to a hubcap.

    I LOVE Godric in Clash of Heroes. It really pisses people off when you use him, because the battles take about 30 minutes and, right when they think they have you, you get three units healing you and then unleash hell to completely turn the tide of battle. It’s wonderful.

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