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Published March 9, 2011

The entire Pack is on its way to Boston for the second annual Penny-Arcade Expo East. We’ll be uploading images and audio notes from the show to this article so check back in over the course of the weekend to see what the guys are up to!


Hello hotel! How many jacks are there on the back of your TVs? We’re trying to get some NBA Jam going here and now there’s a search party on its way to get a digital converter and get our boomshakalaka on.


So much rain! I can’t believe we got so poured on as we made our way to the convention center, but we made it here and guess what we got to do? Wait in lines!

We’ve also found some really interesting people to interview. Audio coming soon, but here’s a picture to tease.

Who might this guy be?

Alright, photo gallery time!

With about 70,000 attendees, it was pretty easy to get lost in the chaos. We had to use Pikachu’s giant yellow tuchus as our North Star.

Not a single frown to be found this weekend. That’ll happen when you go through a half-dozen sacks of Sour Patch “Exploders.”

Draque scores an 86 in 7 Wonders during our opening night in Boston. Apparently this is quite the feat!

Tom sets his sights on Kid Icarus Uprising. Thankfully, it’s already much better than the NES original.

You couldn’t walk 10 feet without seeing this silly traffic cones. Smartest advertising move of the show, hands down.

Justin’s no match for the BioShock Infinite hype monster.

Draque and Tom prepare to wage miniature battle in the tabletop gaming area.

Any guess who these bojos are pretending to be? Also, why does the woman have gingerbread cookies?

Kaz is automobile heaven as he races in Car: The Game.

Most of us came here with one particular game in mind. It did not disappoint.

Draque horrifies a weathered Pikachu on the Fangamer art wall.

The original Snow Bros. take on the original Buster Bros. in the classic arcade room.

Justin’s “friends” trap him in the bathroom, but he has the last laugh when they find out that there’s no fan in there.

Justin fist bumps with a confused Carnival Games mascot. Who knows what the woman under that felt melon was thinking at the time.

Nick pushes Justin’s big gourd out of the way while at one of the dozens of Irish pubs populated by early St. Patrick’s Day folks.

More Justin silliness. “Bitches leave!”

Good times were had Saturday night at the 1up/Shogun 2 party. Thanks to Jeremy, Tina and Frank (among others) for showing us a good time.

We also got to spend some fun time with Josh, Kyle and the rest of the Critical Strike posse. Many Blankas were decimated in those hours.

Kaz and Daniella encounter an uncannily similar “Justin clone” while waiting near Boston’s shadiest diner. Maybe some of the accompanying audio will make it into the show.

We find a herd of cosplayers doing their thing while we record our last stuff for Episode 181. Also, Justin got to fist bump Mr. T.

Tom became obsessed with the “Soup R Crackers” across the street from the hotel. Ron Donald would be proud.

The sun sets on Boston and PAX East 2011. We’ll be back next year with new reviews by Casa Bathroomware.

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