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Published November 2, 2010

On the eve of the big SCOTUS case, the Pack brings in lawyer/roommate Jeff Kramer from seanparklaw to weigh in on how things might play out over the next few months and why crushing cats is still a cool thing to do. Jeff also introduces “sports” to the gang throughFIFA 11, but where are the Cleveland Crunch? All of the guys are also ready to take the stage in Rock Band 3, thanks to an improved interface and even more plastic instruments. Plus, the Enslaved ending, the freaky-deaky Amnesia, Pure Moods 2 and a new Xbox 360 dashboard.

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  1. Davide Davide

    Great episode. Having Mr Lawyer on was a good call.

    Couldn’t disagree more with you on Enslaved though. I found it incredibly disappointing.

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