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Published October 19, 2010

Hope you’re hungry, because this week, The Rumble Pack is bringing the meat. The entire cast has been sliding, skidding and splatting all around in Super Meat Boy, but have the made it out unscathed. Meanwhile, Justin cranks out some lusty spaghetti in Super Scribblenauts, Nick thinks Sonic 4 is the fastest thing alive, Kaz fights a personal war on terror in Medal of Honor and Tony spends time playing with his cadaver and iPhone. Plus, Petter Pepper, the Gran Turismo 5 delay, and Microsoft’s huge Kinect push.

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  1. I knew this was going to happen. While hard-core gamers can see motion control progress at Sony, many people will just see the Kinect as another Wii knockoff that brings nothing new to the table.

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