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Published October 5, 2010

Jiminy Jillikers! This week, the Rumble Pack looks at the page-turnin’ shooter Comic Jumper, the game that would make Sketch Turner proud. Can the gameplay live up to the slick presentation? Kaz demands answers in Alpha Protocol, Justin defends the skies from Toy Soldiers‘ new alien menace and Tom gets “Crackdown 2-ed” by Dead Rising 2. Plus, Nintendo 3DS price bellyaching, iPhone-to-Android ports and Super Platinum Jesus.

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  1. Tony H. Tony H.

    Hi Guys, great podcast –

    Nic, I’d be up for a little Castlevania HD….

    Since it’s October, I told myself that I would only play/watch scary things…So maybe a game night for Castlevania, or perhaps L4D2 (there’s that new DLC)?….let me know!


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