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Published August 24, 2010

Good news, everyone! From this point forward, The Rumble Pack will officially be part of Platform Nation. We’ll be joining several other great podcasts, including fellow newbies PSNerds, in bringing you the latest/greatest conversations in gaming. We’re incredibly excited for this opportunity to reach out to a new audience and introduce our current fans to the Nation’s other fine shows.

For our current listeners, your regularly scheduled programming won’t change much initially, but you can expect a few promotional clips from our partners to break up the Nickelodeon references and “drink” tasting. If you’re just joining us, all that you need to know is that we’re five college friends that have been gaming together for years, and that we want the rest of you to be our honorary Smash Brothers, too. Though we occasionally talk about major announcements, we usually let other shows handle the news. Rather, we’re all about digging into games and seeing what makes them tick. We’re not always timely, but we don’t shy away from hot button issues and controversial opinions. Anyway, you’ll definitely get a feel for our idiosyncrasies in the weeks ahead. For now, crank up the volume and know us better, man.


  1. Zachary [Eros] Zachary [Eros]

    Congratulations guys! 🙂

  2. Calion Calion

    just started listening.. you guys are doing a great job 😉

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