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Published August 10, 2010

Tony has officially embarked on his med school journey, but that doesn’t mean that his chair will remain empty. After interviewing a secret applicant, the guys dive into Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, either the most enjoyable or the most broken multiplayer experience on the XBLA. Kaz and Tom help Alan Wake find his signal, Nick jumps into Arc Rise Fantasia and Justin still gets his butt kicked by the casual ModNation Racers patch. Plus, multiplayer pipe dreams, guilty gaming pleasures, Georgia O’Clinton and your required community service hours.

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  1. Borehammer Borehammer

    I can’t stop thinking about that survival horror, co-op game idea! I can imagine that game playing with both players heads even worse than Eternal Darkness! The game would make it very hard for both of you to stay together and would try to pit you against each other as often as it could and I would love to play something like that with my partner in the same room as me, which got me thinking.
    I can’t remember if it was you guys or Gamehounds that talked about this, but I think it was Sony that was toying with the idea of a 3D TV set that could display 4 images on the screen at once with one person’s set of glasses doesn’t see the same things as the other person’s set of glasses, but that horror game would be perfect for that TV don’t you think?

  2. I’m waaaaay behind on podcasts, and am slowly catching up. Great job with Dan.

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