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Published June 22, 2010

Through your ears and into your dreams, this week’s show is sure to keep you up at night. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker disrupts Nick, Tom and Tony’s sleep cycles, but that doesn’t stop them from getting into their offline lovebox. Meanwhile, Justin and Tom pray to cyber-elf Beesus in Mega Man Zero Collection and Kaz unleashes* a doghouse death orgy in Snoopy: Flying Ace. Plus, the blood-soaked side of E3, Justin merch and respawning bears.


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  1. mik mik

    The game that stands out as the one where I spent every moment after the first act focused on exacting revenge on the final boss was The Darkness. I couldn’t wait to give that son of a bitch his comeuppance–they set it all up so incredibly well.

    As for the games of E3 that I’m most interested in getting my hands on, they didn’t really feature in any of the press events…

    El Shaddai
    Lost in Shadow

    Totally with Justin on the fatigue of the shooter/violence. It’s not even about the violence or the fact that they’re shooters, per sé. It’s more… well, this image says it better:

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