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Published March 30, 2010

In the next installment of the podcast (going up today), you’ll hear all about the games we played and the panels we attended. But even though the convention was only three days long, we had far too many adventures and fond memories to cram into a single show. Below, you’ll find a little bit more of the randomness left on the cutting room floor.

It’s unfortunately a rare treat to have the five of us together in one room. If only we could have a couple more days.

If there was a running theme for our PAX East experience, it would probably have been Pok̩walker addiction. Many Elekids were captured this weekend Рand none were shared with Justin.

Justin poses for his Photo Dojo debut. When in doubt, NBA Jam voice samples are a big hit. “Boom Shakalaka!”

Tony teaches Nick how to play Split Second by making lots of stuff explode.

Sackboy struts around near the Manticore Theatre. Let’s hope he kept an eye on that zipper.

We spotted lots of folks wearing Blue Bomber knit hats. They’re apparently all the rage on Etsy.

The art at the A.P.B. booth looked cooler than the game itself. Hopefully, players get a bit more creative with character customization when the game ships.

Tony takes on one of the tougher Picross 3D puzzles. For many of us, it was the secret “game of the show.” May can’t get here soon enough.

Say hello to the newest Smash Brother, Picross 3D‘s horrible, deformed duck creature.

For Mother 3 fans: the clay models used for Fangamer’s Handbook.

The sweet looking game that The Behemoth doesn’t want you to know about!

The Behemoth’s timeline, featuring more wonderful artwork. Between Shank, Captain Smiley and BattleBlock Theater, the back corner of the exhibition hall was the place to be for gorgeous cartoons.

Bowser feasting on some poor nerd.

PAX East or not, we weren’t going to go for a full weekend without a multiplayer fix. In this particular shot, we’re probably steering past ham sandwiches in Excitebots.

Making friends in the Sheraton lobby through the magic of the Microsoft Surface

Where there are nerds, there’s Magic. (Friend-of-the-show “Jard” is on the right.)

Audio-visual splendor from Anamanaguchi during Saturday night’s batch of concerts. We were trying to pick out recognizable sprites on the screen, but no such luck.


The last prop from the Metroid Metal performance in captivity behind a merch booth.

Tony and Tom chilling on two of the hundreds of beanbags lining the hallways. This is how germs spread, people!


Justin leaves a sasquatch-sized crater in the adjustable mattress.

Tom puts one more virtual quarter into his favorite game ever before heading to the airport.


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  1. Jard Jard

    haha, i can’t believe you posted the joke picture of us playing magic! also tom isn’t nearly devasted enough that *nerd snort* i casted cancel on his suntail hawk

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