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Published March 3, 2010

Wii owners, live it up while you can! This week, you get first dibs on Mega Man 10, another NES throwback that should bring in big bucks for Capcom. You also get a legitimately old (good) game in the form of Fatal Fury Special. DSi owners are less fortunate. However, I am curious about EA’s tween-focused Flips series, which appears to be  the DSi’s first batch of visual novels. The “genre” has an audience in Japan, but not so much in the states.

Special thanks to Nick for the Fatal Fury Special assessment.

Mega Man 10
1,000 Points

Mega Man 10 doesn’t need a cheerleader, but I’ll still give it the full Justin endorsement. Whether it’s a worthy successor to the ninth installment remains to be seen, but it’s definitely fun…if your idea of fun is falling into bottomless pits and spike traps, that is. You can expect a full review in the next week or two once I’ve bested the game’s robot masters – which are not as goofy as they could have been – but this is a pretty safe investment. I also don’t think it’s quite as slapdash as the 1up review would lead you to believe.

Globulos Party

500 Points

Let me save you five bucks. Click on this link. This candy-coated shuffleboard Flash game is pretty dull, right? Now imagine this multiplayer-only affair with the online play stripped out. Boooo.

VT Tennis
DSiWare/Virtual Toys
500 Points

This game wants to be Sega’s Virtua Tennis so badly. The long charge-up swings, the racket sounds, the butt-rock title theme – VT Tennis comes pretty close to matching the look and feel of the Dreamcast/arcade classic. However, the game’s omission of multiplayer is unforgivable. And just in case you think the tournament mode would be enough, the game’s stupid A.I. further cripples this download.

Fatal Fury Special
Virtual Console/SNK

900 Points

Nick says: “Fatal Fury Special is the “Championship Edition” of the classic Neo Geo franchise. Inside the nine dollar asking price, you’ll find the original, highly entertaining cast of Fatal Fury 2, plus a host of playable bosses, new characters (Duck King!), a new combo system and enhanced fight speeds. It’s a fairly solid purchase overall, although one that should only be recommended to hardened Neo Geo and/or fighting game fans – it still doesn’t hold a candle to the Real Bout Fatal Fury sequels, let alone critical darling Mark of the Wolves. Savvy gamers should also realize that Fatal Fury Special has already hit the Xbox Live Arcade – with a one dollar hike in asking price equating to online matches and customizable controls. Is it worth it? Hey – c’mon, c’mon.”


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