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Published March 1, 2010

The following is a review inspired by the game’s brilliant loading screen poetry…

Winterbottom has been a long time in the making,
But this indie adventure is surely worth taking.

As the titular thief, delicious pies are the treasure,
And traversing his world is always a pleasure.

The game plays with time, similarly to Braid;
You record copies of yourself to come to your aid.

But unlike Blow’s hit, several clones may be created;
Making a small army made me elated.

The puzzles are head-scratchers, and you’ll sometimes get stuck,
But don’t let these moments make you feel like a schmuck.

Take a deep breath and give yourself time;
Avoid looking at FAQs, for that is a crime.

Often the answers will appear suddenly in your mind,
Even when the puzzles are so deviously designed.

I’ve heard some gripe about the finicky controls,
Yet for me, the scheme never kept me from my goals.

Even if you struggle to get to your dessert,
The game’s old-timey style will keep you alert.

P.B. is to the silent film as Braid is to the oil painting;
Plus, the Seussian rhymes are always entertaining.

I sometimes wish the tale was more connected to the action,
But for most players, I doubt this will be a distraction.

No, the big beef is that the game ends to soon;
Trials or not, more levels would be a boon.

Even so, these misadventures are not to be missed;
Download this XBLA game, or else I will be pissed.

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