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Published February 9, 2010

All hail CommanderVideo! On this week’s show, Alex Neuse, CEO and designer at Gaijin Games, joins the guys to talk about old school inspirations, implementing fan art, the WiiWare development scene and BIT.TRIP RUNNER, which hits the Wii Shop Channel this spring. After the interview, Justin continues mining for Mass Effect 2 space dust, Nick readies his earplugs for Sands of Destruction and Tom chimes in about Chime. *Woof!* Plus, the Dante’s Inferno Superbowl Truffle Shuffle, cautious optimism for Sonic 4 and the wackiest furniture commercials Cleveland has to offer.

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**Correction** Apparently Nintendo quietly took down WiiWare demos last week without telling anyone, so your only means of play BEAT is to pay the six bucks for it. Again, totally worth it.


  1. Tom Tom


    Wow, that is incredible…thank you so much for sharing. If I saw that at 4:00am I’d think I had died and gone to heaven.

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