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Published February 3, 2010

As you heard last night, I’m a big fan of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. I’d argue that it’s the Wii’s answer to Street Fighter IV, a great game that takes a step or two away from the unbalanced madness of Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It’s both a licensing miracle and a beacon for hardcore fighting game fans, so I’m seriously praying that it sells well enough for the sequel.

However, while I’m eternally grateful for this game’s incredible domestic debut, I’m baffled by some of the playable Capcom combatants. The company has so many franchises and characters under its belt – see the last crossover’s roster – and yet some of the losers that they’ve dragged out of the archives just don’t seem befitting of the Ultimate All-Stars subtitle. Tatsunoko fans may be equally confused about their own side’s selections, but those guys are so obscure to me that an “off” choice or two wouldn’t make a difference. But for the Capcom side, there is definitely a handful I’d cut…

ROLL (Mega Man Series)

Why this makes Justin sad: To reiterate the title: really?! I mean, it didn’t bother me when they crammed her into MvC2 because of that game’s kitchen sink approach. But with only 13 Capcom stars, I think we could’ve done better than Dr. Light’s robot maid. Why not sink even lower and give us a malfunctioning Servbot? At least then we could have a good laugh. Considering that we already have two other franchise picks (Volnutt and Zero), there’s just no excuse.

Replace her with: Red Arremer. Fellow Ghouls ‘n Ghosts star Arthur would also be acceptable, but I’ve seen enough of his hearted boxer shorts over the years. Mr. Arremer would add a much-needed beast factor to the game, and he’s already proven his fighting skills in SVC Chaos.

SOKI (Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams)

Why this makes Justin sad: Of all of the Onimusha headliners, why would you go with the goat-horned dude from the one game in the series that nobody played. Yeah, he has a sword and some slick moves, but I just don’t understand what he’s doing here. If I had to guess, I’d say that it has to do with using likenesses of real actors in previous games.

Replace him with: Anyone else from the first three Onimusha games. The most obvious choice would be Samanosuke from the first and third entries. He has three elemental attacks that fit in well with the three attack buttons. But I think I’d rather see Jean Reno’s poorly dubbed cousin. (Then again, why go with this long-dormant series when Power Stone offers so many more colorful choices?)

SAKI (Quiz Nanairo Dreams)

Why this makes Justin sad: She’s from an obscure arcade quiz/dating game available only in Japan. I don’t care if she’s the TvC answer to Cable – that’s just lame.

Replace her with: Mike Haggar, Metro City mayor. If you’re going to go down the fan service route, do it correctly and give the fans what they want. While Cody and Guy have lived on to fight another day, Haggar was last seen doing his spinning lariat in that godawful Saturn Final Fight fighter.* Everybody loves the guy, and it’s about time we campaign for his return.

*As far as I know, he retired his fighting suspender in Streetwise, but who the hell knows about that one.

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