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Published January 20, 2010

Holy third-person action gaming, Batman! Starting things off, Tom, Nick and Tony become entangled in the hairy splendor of Bayonetta. The most graceful action game star yet? Maybe. Resident gearhead Kaz takes Need for Speed: Shift for a spin, while the other guys do their best Slim Jim impressions in front of a Lost Planet 2 behemoth. After that, Nick and Tony take the show back to 2008 for Mass Effect and Fallout 3 respectively. Plus, Dark Void Zero retro joy, a questionable Final Fantasy XIII dubbing and HD Remixin’ fantasies.

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  1. Hargrada Hargrada

    It took a few viewings, but I came around to the FF trailer as well. My only problem is that it felt a little overlong.

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