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Published January 5, 2010

After weeks of anticipation, the guys have finally picked their Games of the Year – and they’re ready to take their choices to the grave! But before the Pack gets to the festivities, there’s some more post-holiday business to discuss. Nick goes back to the future in the original Mass Effect, Kaz maintains his Left 4 Dead 2 masochistic streak, and Justin and Tom let the Trajectiles fly in another DSi game from Q-Games. The second half of the show is a look at both 2009 and a theoretical 2019. How long will it be before you get to see The Rumble Pack in 3D? Tune in to find out!


  1. mik mik

    I think the correct way to play Mass Effect is, as Tony and Kaz noted, sticking to the story and skipping all the side nonsense. It’s universally poor. However, I also think the correct way to play is as a female character, because the woman who provides the voice for female Shepherd is significantly better than the guy who does the male voice. I started over once I discovered this.

    BTW, the aggregated GOTY total for the Rumble picks:

    1. Uncharted 2 (20)
    2. Assassin’s Creed 2 (14)
    3. *tie* New Super Mario Bros., Street Figther IV, Modern Warfare 2 (7)

  2. We had actually started out with an aggregated top 5, but the bottom three run-off created some tension. Figured it’d be “easier” to do it the way we did on the show instead.

  3. mik mik

    Oh, I like the way you did it (that’s the way we do it too). It just made me feel better as a human to see Uncharted 2 sitting at #1 where it belongs than looking at those perverse abominations Tom and Kaz thrust forth. 😉

  4. Chaz White Chaz White

    I was wondering if on future episodes you guys would discuss what cellular devices you use and if you see the cellular gaming industry taking off in the next decade and putting handhelds like the DS and PSP to rest.

  5. We’ll try and put this on the docket, since no cell phone games came up in our “Top 5″s the issue wasn’t discussed. Good question.

  6. Kaz Kaz

    @mik Believe you me, I’m ashamed about how weird I am, and I considered trying to fit in more, and break the rundown for 3, 4 and 5. But ultimately it felt like cheating.

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