Episode 110: Let it Beep

This week, special guest Jeremy Kolosine calls in to class the show up and tell us about the 8-bit music scene. The 8-bit Operators musician has compiled an 8-bit take on the Beatles, “Wanna Hld Yr Handheld, Vol. 1,” and he shares with the gang how the project came together, how the subgenre has grown, and what it takes for novice Nanoloopers can do to climb the proverbial charts. After the interview, Tony, Justin, Tom and Nick let Kaz know why he needs to traverse theBorderlands and start collecting loot. Diablo II fans should be salivating. Plus, even more Uncharted 2 fawning and Brutal Legend skepticism. Rock on!

**BONUS!** You may have noticed that we have a new Facebook page (link below). During next week’s show, we will be selecting one random fan to receive a trio of tracks from The Beatles Rock Band for the Xbox 360. Please, sign up to win and show your support!

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ThePack This podcast is a celebration of the social aspects of gaming. We were “smash brothers” long before we became the ‘Pack, and we continue to game with each other on a regular basis. If you look beyond all of the media sensationalism and message board wankery, you’ll discover that video games can help form bonds that will last forever. We’re living proof of that – we’re not jaded journalists (not yet, at least), we’re not tournament players and we’re certainly not fanboys. We’re just folks who love to play and discuss games with each other, and we hope to extend this friendship to our listeners with every installment.