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Published October 21, 2009

I may be penniless and slightly hungry (as always), but you can’t say that I’m not keeping busy. Between an internship at The Book Report Network and a canvassing job for the guy above, I’m suddenly feeling productive again. No longer the lump on the bed scouring Media Bistro for work, I’m actually heading into Manhattan in the morning and patrolling the streets of Park Slope at night.

That’s right, I’m a canvasser. And I’m promising right now that I’ll never slam a door or dismiss a pamphleteer ever again. (Unless I have little-to-no interest in what they’re hawking.) But then again, even though reception can be discouraging, the job has provided many opportunities to get to know my new borough and the local political scene better.

Socially, the past 2.5 months in New York – specifically BedStuy right now – have been quite splendid. I’ve done so much more in this time than I ever did back in Urbana. Some of the highlights include:

  • Seeing dozens of movies that would have never come to our Monroe theater. If you’re also outside of the NYC/L.A. markets, I suggest you add A Serious Man, In the Loop and Big Fan to your Netflix queue.
  • Eating chicken and waffles. You wouldn’t think gravy and syrup go together, but somehow it works. The food variety in this city still blows my mind. I’m from a town where all we have is pizza shops, so I’m still not used to having so many different types of cuisine nearby. Now if only I could figure how to cook any of it.
  • Visiting the trendiest bowling alley ever.
  • Listening to a 200-electric-guitar symphony. It doesn’t matter that it was a cacophonous mess.
  • Attending Eugene Mirman’s comedy festival. Unfortunately, comedian H. Jon Benjamin (Coach McGuirk!) bombed. And heckled audience members with accents.
  • Walking along the High Line, a former above-ground Subway line turned park. This one is ripe for encroaching businesses in the future, but it’s pretty peaceful at the moment.
  • Participating in weekly trivia nights every Tuesday at Gael Pub. If you’re in the area, we could always use more team members.

And without delving too deeply into my personal life, I must admit that all of these adventures wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable without a certain special ladyfriend. The hunt for a full-time job continues, but until then, I’m definitely having a good time.

*Don’t worry, I’m not a fan of these personal update blog posts either. I’ll keep it about the games in the future.

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