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Published February 19, 2009


This video review was produced for my multimedia class. I realize it’s a bit rough around the edges – future installments will have much less me in them – but hopefully folks will enjoy this. I’m going to look into video capture for the future, but I’d love to hear any other suggestions/ridicule.



  1. Hargrada Hargrada

    Just a personal quibble, but I thought Flower seemed to reach higher than just a simple environmental message, and by pegging it as such is essentially going for the low hanging fruit.

    So what’s the context for this video? Were you just showing others how this sort of thing might be done, or was it more a personal thing completed for the site? I mean, you do look mighty uncomfortable in this video.

  2. Justin Hemenway Justin Hemenway

    Geez man, cut a guy some slack. This was a class project.

    I realize that boiling Flower down to merely “an environmental message” may be selling it short, but I only had three minutes to work with and this particular video was intended for a broader audience. Any subsequent videos will be made purely with our visitors in mind.

    And no, I wasn’t all that uncomfortable. I think that’s just how I always look. It would help if I wasn’t as stiff – something I’ll keep in mind in the future as well.

  3. Hargrada Hargrada

    Consider the slack fully cut. The fact that this was a class project (wasn’t fully clear on that point) helps put this into a proper context for me. I did enjoy the moment with the duelshock, so perhaps a few more props would be in order?

  4. I liked the info. Have you considered splicing multiple takes rather than doing just one take?

  5. Hiroki Hiroki

    I love the site but man, was that hideous.

  6. Uh…think of that as an experiment. If and when I post another video review, it’ll look considerably more polished. I’ve already learned a bunch of new techniques that I’ll put to use for future installments.

  7. Jake Jake

    I thought it was pretty well done, overall. Of course, most of the problems stem from it being not only your first video review, but also a class project.

    If you add video captures, break it into multiple takes (so as to allow re-dos if you flub a line), and have more time to polish any future videos, I think they’ll turn out pretty interesting.

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