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Published October 15, 2008

Earthbound fans, the moment you probably forgot you were waiting for is finally here! The fine folks at have finally completed an English patch for the import-only Mother 3.

But herein lies the problem: in order to take advantage of this translation, I need to infinge upon Nintendo’s copywrights. Now, longtime listeners know that I do not support gaming piracy and the vast majority of emulation out there, but just this one time, I’m officially breaking my own moral code. I’m sorry, Nintendo. I’d much prefer to see an official Treehouse localization, but by expressing zero interest in bringing the sequel to one of my all-time favorites to our shores, you have forced my hand. You’ve teased me too much with the “Porky” cameos in the last Smash Bros. for me to back down. I need this ROM.

*Fellow fans, do you think I’m wrong? Should I sit tight and keeping praying for a miraculous domestic release of “Earthbound 2,” or is this a worthy exception?

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