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Published September 28, 2008

Adult Content Warning: When we don’t record the official podcast we can be crude and potentially offensive. You have been warned!

What starts simply as a horrible transition becomes a slow-motion train wreck that nobody wants to stop. From “Ghost Dad” to The Marriage and everywhere in between…

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  1. J J

    Rod Humble’s “The Marriage” is a seminal masterpiece; a triumph of modern art qua computer game. Humble’s Dostoevsky-esque ability to pierce the gloomy veil of love enlightens even the most cynical misanthrope. “The Marriage” confronts our contemporary post-modern consciousness in a subtle, yet poignant manner. It is a visual tome, pregnant with deep philosophical ramifications that transcend hyperdimensional space-time. Undoubtedly, God is jealous of Rod Humble’s Creation: Rod Humble’s “The Marriage.”

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