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Published July 31, 2008

All hands, brace for impact! Sound the alarm! The full cast of the Rumble Pack has assembled for a mission of great importance. Nicolo updates everyone on the massive amount of titles he’s been playing (and keeps one secret), Justin tries to talk about important edutainment, while Kaz, Tony and Tom laugh about the fun they had revisiting old XBLA titles.

In the second half of the show we bring back one of our newer segments in the form of Retrospective: Metal Gear Solid 4, and we guarantee that the analysis here on The Rumble Pack won’t be found anywhere else (for better or for worse). Then we take a Side Quest to visit the recent movie theater phenom The Dark Knight.

All that and a Watchmen update in this week’s episode.

**Sunday Night Community Match: Soul Calibur IV (PS3 only, folks! Give yourself to the Dark Side!)

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