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Published July 9, 2008

We may be in the midst of a summer “drought,” but the guys are too busy with their Nintendo DS’s to care. This week, Tony embarks on the second Etrian Odyssey while Tom tells Justin why he shouldn’t be so judgmental towards Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Meanwhile Kaz returns to Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword before confronting its elder, meaner brother. Also, we talk openly* about Yakuza and Mass Effect.

After the break, Kaz springs a surprise, Dyack-centric discussion on the rest of the pack, followed by an apprehensive take on Criterion’s new aerial ambitions. And you thought Burnout motorcycles were wild?! Plus, Chrono Trigger DS celebration, Tom’s PS3 shaped timebomb, and another installment of Bang for your Buck in this week’s Rumble Pack!

*Read: Spoilers

**Sunday Night Community Match:
Halo 3, 8 PM Eastern (Happy Bungie Day!)

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  1. Lux Lux

    I haven’t been good about checking the site and listening to episodes so I wasn’t able to get home and log on to play with you guys Sunday. If you do another Halo night (that’s the only multi-player game I have so far) I’ll be sure to join in.

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