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Published June 18, 2008

The fantastic five gather to dole out a massive dose of banter. We compare and contrast Uncharted to Indiana Jones; how full of headshot Metal Gear Online is and then go on a lengthy discussion of MGS4: Act 1. There’s kinda spoilers…kinda.

The big news this week: Itagaki is taking Team Ninja with him. A batch of hardware rumors. And Microsoft’s leaky ship is being sunk by loose Lips.

Also, Tony evicts an unwanted house guest.

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  1. kg kg

    I like the idea of keeping the spoilers for MGS4 to a limit for this week since the game was just released this week but I think it would be silly to keep going act by act over the next coming weeks. You guys should give your thoughts on up to how far you all have collectively gotten in the game and just spoiler alert that segment.

    Otherwise good show you guys are great keep up the good work.

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