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Published April 15, 2008

Nick, Tom, Tony and Kaz pile into the Hurtin’ For a Squirtin’ Studio for an episode that is full of secrets and revelations. Tom recounts Nick’s tray and returns to the bullet hell of Ikaruga while Tony develops a “God” complex with his PS2. Meanwhile, Kaz approaches a final verdict for Apollo Justice and relates his Motorstorm frustrations to the gang. Plus, more Rock Band tales courtesy of Tom and Tony.

Questions of the week include the effectiveness of game demos and the validity of the rumored Wii-style remote for the Xbox 360. Forgive the long tangents; it’s episode 40, and that means that the Pack is getting over the hill!

And finally, Tony searches for a secret…brace for impact! Seriously, I warned you.

Don’t say I didn’t.

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