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Published February 25, 2008

A heavy work-week for our regular editor can’t keep a good cast down! Nick, Tom and Tony handle the editing this week, so be sure to note how awesome it is. Don’t worry, we learned so it will never be this delayed again ever…promise…seriously.

Episode 33 of the Rumble Pack starts with a recounting of a hilarious prank on Tony (which occurred literally moments before the show) followed by a rather quick round of trays (only 50 minutes this time, we promise!). After the break comes our very own GDC postmortem and a discussion of the future releases we’re excited for, with a bit of random game-related banter thrown in for good measure.

You asked for it, and here it is (about 6 days later than ever intended): a new episode that’s under 2 hours! Don’t delay, download today!

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  1. HBayani HBayani

    What’s with the episode? The download won’t work, and neither does the streamed player.

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