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Published February 18, 2008

Full cast, full time job to edit.

All five cast members return to have and be serious at the same time. Justin shares some details of his trip to Tokyo, buying Saturn games and playing in strange things called arcades. Tony delves into Pheonix Wright (making this the hundredth time this series has been mentioned on teh podcast). Tom and Kaz discuss Wipeout Pulse. Nick talks up Final Fantasy Tactics. And Kaz defends his honor concerning Uncharted, and barely gets to talk about his Professor Layton obsession.

Part two of the podcast brings a return to the “Games As” series as we delve into what seems to be the big topic around the gaming horn: stories in games. Everyone brings a unique view on the medium and the conversation goes to show just how complex gaming can be and specifically how we interact with games. Serious discussion is then followed by our GDC wish-list (we recorded Monday night). And an argument over backwards compatibility.

This week’s show includes our proof of concept themes, let us know what you think on the board.

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