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Published February 12, 2008

Another saddening Justin-less week transpires. Meanwhile in Cleveland: Nick, Tom, Tony and Kaz form a strike force of hilarity and contemplate the goings on of the gaming industry. In an unprecedented change Kaz goes first in talking about his tray, which crashed the recording studio computer. Luckily, the second recording works and the group makes it past a grueling discourse on PC snobbery about Sins of a Solar Empire. Nick delves into the games he has to catch up on, this week focusing on some handheld love. Tony, Nick and Kaz wax poetic about the ins and outs of Devil May Cry 4. And bringing it all home: Tom talks about his impressions of a copy of the Japanese version of Smash Brothers Brawl.

After the break the business side of the pack kicks in. The crew discusses the state of Nintendo and the market of the Wii. Including the implications of an expanding casual demographic and what it means for gamers. Will the Wii ever stop being successful? Tune in to find out. Then tell us what you think at our message board.

Special Note: The mid-show break contains the hard work of 3 whole minutes of audio stitchcraft. It’s a little treat/joke for those waiting for us to get around to making a theme song. It’s in no way permanent, you know, unless everyone likes it…

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