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Published January 23, 2008

Another saddening week passes without Justin who will be supplying the main discussion topic for next week. Until then Nick, Kaz, Tom and Tony hit the deck for another intense recording session. Tony leads off the trays with NiGHTS, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and PSP games galore…actually just more Tactics. Tom wanted to beat a game so he went after Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.  Kaz wanted to beat a game so he finished the ghost of Mass Effect. Nick was on a portable kick as well having taken a trip to DC, which means more FF: Tactics and some Pheonix Wright love, plus horrid tales of Wiis taking a fall. Also, some minor leaks from Nintendo confirm new characters for Brawl (some not so new).

After the break we get into a level headed debate over what games we like that no one else likes and what games we hate that no one else hates. Some very bold statements are made. Then Tony and Kaz go into a tirade of the Kevin McCullough debacle and a discussion of parental controls. We only mention his name because he seems like the kind of person who googles his own name three times a day, hopefully he’ll hear us pass over him like the worthless character he is. Important revelations: Tony likes Quest 64, yeah, that’s what we said too.

 Breaks this week courtesy of the Geoff Keighley spot on FOXnews.

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