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Published January 18, 2008

Silent Hill VI

What was once exotic and exciting has now become mundane. That’s right folks, after five months as a Shijiazhuangian, I’m officially in a rut. I’m not miserable, but I’m definitely bored, and the dense smog isn’t exactly raising my spirits. Chinese lessons have been going splendidly to the point where I can pick up bits and pieces from eavesdropped conversations, but with public schools shutting down for the winter and my grad school applications virtually done, there’s little else to do to fight off my restlessness. Outside of a ski trip next week (hopefully Alpine Racer 2 has trained me well), there will be little for me to do besides counting the days until my Spring Festival nerd-fest in Tokyo. On a more positive note, at least I’ll be fighting off the tedium in a cushy new apartment. It doesn’t exactly feel like “home,” but it’s a far cry from the horror show that I left behind on the other side of town. See for yourself:


Living Room


Gaming Rig

Look for more substantial posts here in the very near future (again, the trip to Tokyo). I just wanted to give people a brief update, and also to remind folks to check out our new reviews page. It’s still a work in progress, and our content may not always be timely, but you can rest assured that it will be thoughtful and thorough (because Metroid Prime 3 deserves nothing less than 1500 words!).

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