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Published January 10, 2008

Put together your elemental rings; it’s time to form The Rumble Pack. Back from a week hiatus, Tony, Nick, Tom, Justin and Kaz get together to discuss their feelings about 2007 and the future of 2008. Before that everyone gives an epic update of what has been in their trays. Tom and Justin discuss Contra 4. Nick talks about his Rock Band exploits. Kaz discusses why Final Fantasy VI still rocks. Tony rants about the accuracy of Kane and Lynch, and Justin waxes poetic all over Super Mario Galaxy.

Check out the message boards for the lost top fives of The Rumble Pack. And listen to the second half of the episode for a long discussion of 2008 resolutions. Including resolutions for the podcast, resolutions for each podcaster and resolutions for the games industry and every publisher and developer we could think of.

Intro music for this episode brought to you by Tony and Nick with special guest artist Justin. Keep in mind the podcast’s recording studio is in transition so there are rough moments in the podcast audio quality since they could not use their best microphone, all should be well by next week.

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