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Published July 15, 2007

Random thoughts:

  • My game of the show for E3 would honestly be WiiFit. I know that for many of our listeners, this “non-game” was not the announcement you were anticipating. While I certainly wanted a new IP or at least something more “hardcore,” this is exactly what Nintendo needs to promote its system and truly expand the market. WiiFit may not be completely original, as both Eye Toy Kinetic and Dance Dance Revolution promoted exercise, but this concept has a much better chance of succeeding on a console built entirely around unique methods of user input. I also think that it eventually will win over guys like Kaz and I, as it does have that Brain Age appeal. There’s nothing stopping me from attending a yoga class, but turning the concept into a video game with all of the bells and whistles is just more exciting. Nobody thought doing simple math problems would be fun, but Nintendo proved that their developers knew what they were doing. I expect them to do the same with WiiFit sometime this year or next. Prepare to shed some pounds!


  • E3 was too FPS heavy for my tastes. I enjoy the genre, but it seems way too much attention was devoted to Halo 3, Killzone 2, Call of Duty 4, Haze, Unreal Tournament 3, Crysis, Sequel to F.E.A.R., Metroid Prime 3 (now apparently more like Halo…BOOOOOOO), Blacksite, Quake Wars, etc. I know companies need to cater to an American audience, but this seems to be a bit much. If all of these games come out this fall, I think a few of them will get lost in the shuffle. Also, it should be noted that the Gears of War gray palette is getting visually bland.
  • Though I enjoyed Sony’s PS3 press conference, I feel the company destroyed a lot of the goodwill built up over the show with their price cut shenanigans. Yet another PR nightmare!
  • Neverhood movie CONFIRMED!

    the neverhood

  • Soft drink fans should check out the “limited time only” Sierra Mist Lemon Squeeze. It’s not the second coming of dnL, but the lemony aftertaste is superb.

  • Anyone who subscribes to HBO should be watching Flight of the Conchords right now. New Zealand’s folk parody troupe has been kicking ass for the past month. Fans of Tenacious D will definitely dig the goofy songs, but I think FotC does a better job blending the music video craziness with dry British humor (despite their nationality). HBO is being trying to promote the show by word of mouth with a huge community page. Show clips, banners, podcasts…all of this to help fans spread their love. Very cool. I don’t know if FotC will catch on, but I’ll use this space to do my part:

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