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Published June 25, 2007

The crew is back for the first new episode of the season and the first episode to be fully under the banner of The Rumble Pack. Everyone has a lot to talk about since there was a month long hiatus. The most important topic being the future of Manhunt 2. Is the fate of the games industry in the hands of the casual gamers? Cheap movie theatres are awesome! And the gang learns a little too much about what it takes to survive a long WoW session…way too much.


  1. Hargrada Hargrada

    The whole Manhunt 2 thing seems to have died down somewhat after the news that the game would be delayed, which kind of disappoints me. I guess I was hoping this would lead to some kind of compromise that would enable videogames to actually reach the point that all other forms of media have long ago attained.
    Now I see that we will never get there without some kind of definitive, single, central platform not totally controlled by any one company. Call me naive, I guess…
    The game will be censored enough for an M rating or just won’t be released at all (excluding PC) and we will go through the whole thing all over again with the next big controversial game (Manhunt 3).

    Will the music that was played be the standard for the show from now on?

  2. The music will not be standard, we used to use a different game soundtrack that we had for each podcast back in the ROFLcopterDown days. We are currently trying to get our hands on our own music; an effort to not use publicly owned music like many other podcasts.

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