TRP 8/2/12: Beandolier of Brothers

This week, the Pack channels Henry David Thoreau as the guys look back on life before the Internet. The web pioneers start off the show answering your voicemail about very literal Steam sales, couch co-op gaming and the action-packed Resident Evil 6. Justin digs up the forgotten classic Mole Mania, Kaz flies to Hawaii and back in Microsoft Flight and Tom scares everyone with his encyclopedic Spelunky knowledge. Plus, Tiny Tower/Pocket Planes roadblocks, something.something.whatever, the Squirt web-ring that wasn’t, Tony Hawk HD moping, Dyad and bean-related dystopia.

A Horrifying Glimpse Into Justin’s Psyche (Our Pinterest Account)

Space Jam’s 1996 Web Site: A Retrospective

Episode 232: Show Kinect Your Fugee Face

This week’s episode hits harder than a car battery to the noggin! The guys have almost rid the galaxy of the reapers in Mass Effect 3, but they’re able to keep spoilers to a minimum for one more week. Afterwards, Tom dodges some very pretty bullets in Sine Mora, Justin gets nickeled and dimed by Flight Control Rocket and Kaz skids on the runway of Microsoft Flight. Plus, the emulator nobody wants, the wrath of the Tempura Wizard, train simulation fantasies, flipping burgers in Order Up!, huddling for warmth at PAX East, Sonic Triple Trouble Trouble and a Big Rigs cameo.

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