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Kid Icarus: Uprising Archive

TRP 1/7/13: Trippin’ on Bumble Balls

258smallThe Rumble Pack’s 2012 Games of the Year are finally here! The guys have “squozen” out all of their favorites, including (in no particular order…yet) Journey, Fez, FTL, Asura’s WrathThe Walking Dead and many more! Plus, some listener questions, 2013 prognostications, numerical aesthetics and Tom’s groundbreaking iPhone purchase.

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The Clubhouse Compulsion in Mario Tennis Open

After 20 minutes of play, I thought I had seen everything Mario Tennis Open had to offer. Volleys back-and-forth, dumb A.I., unlockable baby versions of characters nobody asked for. Still, it’s not that the game was a major step back from its predecessors, but it’s a tennis game, just a really a fancy version of Pong with Toads and Shy Guys lining the courts.

But I’m here to tell you that 15 hours later, I can’t put the game down. Mario Tennis Open isn’t a terrific game, but collecting tennis duds and rackets has become an addiction I can’t shake. Never mind the fact that my current Boo costume makes it look like my Mii is wearing a diaper on his head – every knickknack I collect gives me more opportunities to customize my character and broadcast my creation to the world. It’s one of many instances in which Nintendo has tapped into a need for self-expression; MTO is just the latest proof that the 3DS is a very social device in need of a network.

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Kid Icarus: Uprising Game Night

Who: Everyone

What: Kid Icarus Multiplayer (Light vs. Dark)

Where: Nintendo Network

When: Tuesday, April 26th at 9:00 p.m. EST

Why: Because it’s time to settle the stand/no-stand debate once and for all!

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Episode 234: The Trunkiest of Trees

Put on your official Rumble Goggles and behold the Kid Icarus AR card madness. This week, Tom and Kaz look on in horror as the resident “gazelle of the city” plots his route to PAX East’s Nintendo booth. But the Pack is not in Boston just yet! There are still lots of post-Mass-Effect-3 palate  cleansers to discuss. Tom brings back the greased watermelon in Vanquish, Kaz has scarf jealousy in Journey and Justin stocks up on cans of beans in Lone Survivor. Plus, Shirley Temples, new consoles theoretically blocking used games, forcing children to play Pikmin, looking at sounds, the 3DS stand, hollowed-out buttocks and even more of both Kid Icarus: Uprising and Sine Mora.

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Episode 233: Blessed with Gorilla Hands

It’s been a wild ride, but this week’s episode marks the end of the Pack’s Mass Effect trilogy discussion trilogy. The guys bring on friend-of-the-show Draque to pick apart that infamous ending, while also praising the series as a whole. The 50 minute spoiler-cast section begins at the 39 minute mark. Before the Reaper invasion, Justin falls in love with Kid Icarus: Uprising and all of its bizarre quirks, while Tom fights his way through Sine Mora‘s arcade mode. Plus, hyperventilating Danny DeVito, “con crud,” Angry Bird Space‘s stone planks, the immunity system, early impressions of Closure and grapefruit fists.

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