Episode 211: Taint Misbehavin’

This week’s episode is free of any high fantasy taint. The guys kick off the Metacritic fantasy league with a few major releases and celebrate a successful night of getting out-gunned in Team Fortress 2. Kaz drives everything but a Pontiac Aztek in Forza 4, Tom leaves it to cleaver in Gears of War 3, Tony declares that Orcs Must Die! and Justin plays the latest “Only on Playstation” releases – EufloriaRochard and Sideway NY. Plus, the legend of Zydrunas Ilgauskus, Zoroastrianism, CWRU’s The Bridge and ever-timely “Mr. Show” references.

Relevant Links:

Mexican Taint (Surprisingly SFW)

“It’s Insane This Guy’s Taint”

The Bridge Demo

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Episode 210: Our Personal Chief Wahoo

This week, the Pack takes a journey to the center of the mind as they talk to Kan Gao, director at Freebird Games. His latest, To the Moon, is inspired by everything from Chrono Trigger to “Millennium Actress,” and the guys are eager to find out more. After the interview, Justin jumps back in the Animus for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Kaz drives around the track in the Forza 4 demo, Tom drops a few quarters into Wizorb, and Tony weighs in on Gears couch co-op. Plus, Steve Job remembrance, endless Kairo stories, Rumble animals, ham soldiers, Four Swords bonus content, October PSN hype and Tom’s epic almost-homer.

Relevant Links:

Sony’s “Long Live Play” Campaign

Freebird Games

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Episode 209: The Real (Hank) McCoy

Put on your game face and get pumped. This week, the Pack drafts its picks for the mightiest fantasy contest ever conceived by nerds. After they put their fates on the line, Kaz celebrates the out-of-beta Dominion, Justin holds onto his mitten in Resistance 3 and Tom continues to pile on the Kirby Mass Attack. Plus, the CODBLOPS Connection, Snuffaluffagus cosplay, a Four Swords freebie and building our gaming lexicon.

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Join the Global Resistance

We love Wizorb!

Episode 208: Wacky Wednesday

You may have missed “Talk Like a Pirate” Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Wacky Wednesday with the Pack. This week, the guys are already dealing with a fall glut of games. Kaz rips through Gears of War 3, Tom leads a full-on Kirby: Mass Attack and Justin tumbles through MotoHeroz. They also talk about BloodRayne: BetrayalThe GunstringerCollapse (!), Resistance 3Heroes of Neverwinter and more. It’s truly a packed episode that will carry you all the way through Thirsty Thursday and beyond.