Super Spring Cleaning

This morning, I had too many darn games. Several hours later, this remains true, but I tweeted about the Great Culling this afternoon and got a variety of responses, most of them confused. First and foremost, why dump so much of my collection when the individual games are definitely worth more than I got for them?* I’m not saying it easy, but I had enough video games to last me several lifetimes, and the vast majority of them would have probably gone un-played forever. I have many fond memories of the games with which I parted, and that’s all I need. However, I’ve been down this road before. I pawned off my 16-bit treasures during my undergrad days, and no amount of Virtual Console downloads is going to make up for that choice. Today, before I made that ultimate trade, I carefully chose the disc-based classics I wanted to keep in my sacred disc binders. Many of you wanted to know what I had left; you can find the answer below. (If you have any questions or Chibi Robo love, please let me know in the comments. Also, keep in mind that this doesn’t count any of my handheld games, cartridges, Steam downloads, etc.)

*All you need to know is that I’m happy with the money I received. Read more