Episode 155: Totally Recalled

Episode 155: Home in Time for Cornflakes

Make the most of the lull! On the eve of Halo Reach‘s release, the Pack digs into its backlog of games. Justin finally checks out Crackdown 2, but not even agility orbs are enough to hold his attention. (The discussion eventually becomes an examination of the value of game previews.) Tom and Nick stalk their pray in Splinter Cell: Conviction and explore the DLC galaxy of Mass Effect 2, while Kaz does something that Justin is too tired to remember. In a non-gaming tangent, Tony also weighs in on Hulu Plus vs. Netflix. If only he had time for either. Plus, Ironside reminiscing, RecettearPlants vs. Zombies on XBLA and midnight releases.

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Recettear Official Site

Episode 154: Anything for My Princess!

Oh hai, listener! Nick and Kaz shared some of their PAX impressions earlier this week, but there’s still plenty to talk about from last weekend’s big show. (Games discussed include HydrophobiaDonkey Kong Country ReturnsKirby’s Epic YarnRetro City RampageDance CentralSuper Meat BoyDuke Nukem Forever and plenty more.) Before that, Tom and Justin “praise” the Flash game adaptation of Tommy Wiseau’s seminal film “The Room,” while the others turn away in disgust. The guys also speed dash through the divisive Metroid: Other M. Plus, the Jeremy Parish drinking game, Team Rocket cosplay and a “Tripple Tommy” debate.

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RP Special – The Pack at PAX Prime 2010

Come one, come all and gather ’round to hear the tall tales of PAX Prime from Kaz and Nick as they brave the Seattle wilderness to bring you their post-show report. Games discussed include Dance Central, Fable 3, Hydrophobia, Comic Jumper, Super Meat Boy, NBA Jam, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Portal 2, Duke Nukem Forever and many more.

Episode 153: A Few Raisins Short of an Oatmeal Cookie

Price hikes, price drops and used game cheaters – so much for all the fun. Luckily, the Pack has a copy of “Coupons: The Magazine” to help them sort it all out. After the business stuff, Justin grumbles about a Shank in his side, Tom stocks up on Zombrex in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Nick rocks his swag bag for Ys Seven and Kaz splits up Lara Croft and Totec for some co-op fun. Plus, Other M hesitation, Fido Dido, And Yet It Moves and even a hint of time travel.

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Fido Dido (Remember him?)

Coupon: The Movie

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Episode 152: Paging Doctor Tony

Hi, everybody! This week, the guys introduce themselves to their new Platform Nation audience, delving into gaming tastes and embarrassing controller purchases. After the hugs and handshakes, Justin, Kaz and Tom explore the labyrinthine temples of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, while Tony brushes up his hemoglobin flash cards. They also talk Monday Night Combat strategies and look back the this month’s bountiful downloadable gems. Later, Kaz gets excited for WinPhone 7’s Xbox Live achievements, but the other guys wonder about other smart phone options. Plus, Donkey Kong fashion shows, G.G. Series Ninja Karakuri Den and a malpractice suit waiting to happen. (We kid!)

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Doctors with Guns

Episode 151: BlimpShock

Skyward ho! Though BioShock Infinite won’t be ready until 2012, Justin, Tom and Kaz are eager to talk about the early glimpse of Irrational’s dirigible dystopia. Is this the sequel/prequel they’ve been looking for? After a look to the distant future, Justin and Tom win Romona’s heart in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, while Kaz wins big money and big prizes in Monday Night Combat. Plus, an apology to Deathsmiles, accidental ODST, dogs in wheelchairs and the value/time ratio analyzed.

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Episode 150: Shoebacca

Tony has officially embarked on his med school journey, but that doesn’t mean that his chair will remain empty. After interviewing a secret applicant, the guys dive into Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, either the most enjoyable or the most broken multiplayer experience on the XBLA. Kaz and Tom help Alan Wake find his signal, Nick jumps into Arc Rise Fantasia and Justin still gets his butt kicked by the casual ModNation Racers patch. Plus, multiplayer pipe dreams, guilty gaming pleasures, Georgia O’Clinton and your required community service hours.

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Episode 149: Elegy of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Stop waddling and listen up! Though the Pack is down two men, Tom, Justin and Kaz are still here to deliver the goods. Justin continues to bag/tag ’em in Dragon Quest IX, Tom boots up Mother 3 on his magical VCR and Kaz pumps out vespene gas in StarCraft II. On top of that, there’s D.J. Hero scratching, Face Pilot gliding, Hydro Thunder cruising and 3D technology speculating in this very packed episode.

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BlayzBloo Trailer

Poor Samba de Amigo Monkey

Episode 148: Trishgate

Rev up your chainsaws and prepare for a bloody good time, because this week, the Pack talks with Jeff Agala, Creative Director of Shank. Jeff discusses the animation process, beat ’em up inspirations and the recently announced co-op campaign. Before that, Justin takes charge of an orphanage in Yakuza 3, Tony hunts Dracula’s vampire horde in Helsing’s Fire, Nick gets on the Peace Walker conga line and Kaz defends against an Alien Swarm. Plus, Justin May Crying over a Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 announcement, an in-depth LIMBO discussion and Tekken flamebait.

Note: The interview with Jeff starts about 50 minutes into the show.

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Episode 147: Life (and Death) with Louie

Crack open a can of Edie Gourdo grass jelly and sit back for the tastiest show yet! This week, the Pack is burning down the house with Tyler Barber, co-host of Rebel FM. Tyler discusses Transformers: War for Cybertron and probably wonders why Tom and Tony are willing to subject themselves to nasty Chinese soft “drinks.” Justin shines a light on the spooky LIMBO, Tony rides an emaciated donkey unicorn in DeathSpank, Kaz remains addicted to Super QuickHook and Nick shows off his threads in Dragon Quest IX. Plus, indie developer battles, a moment of silence for 1 vs. 100 and a Louie Anderson kill-streak.

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