Episode 146: Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop

If the Scatman can do it, so can the Pack. This week, the guys don’t let anything hold them back. Resident oracle Tom cross-pollinates Best Buys to score a copy of Blur, Justin wanders through New York City for fellow Dragon Quest IX taggers and Nick embarrasses the world by reading the Deathsmiles marketing slogan. Tony and Kaz also discuss the ton of iPhone games they’ve been playing. Plus, zombie doctors, Persona 3 “butt rap,” Puzzle Agent matchstiq and multicolored tentacles.

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Episode 145: So Many Shortcuts

It’s time to “return to nature,” as they say. This week, Tom and Kaz collect a dollarful of fists in Puzzle Quest 2, the new and improved sequel of an old pooper favorite. Justin rolls with his homies in ModNation Racers, while Nick wears out his turbo thumbs on the final boss of Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Meanwhile, Tony allows some fancy camerawork to lure him back to friends-of-the-show Kane and Lynch. Plus, John Goodman cosplay, a GameCube rant, Marple Syrup, Skip’s little-known taxidermy game, a Steam bounty and the latest Justin remix.

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Leprechaun in Mobile, AL

Episode 144: Hyperbolic Turd Curve

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is! This week, Nick pleads with the guys to pick up Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, a hardcore miracle that probably has no business being released in the States. Fans of Treasure will definitely dig it. (“Shake shake!”) Justin does a backflip for Joe Danger, Kaz finally shambles towards Plants vs. Zombies and Tony recommends N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights to everyone but himself. Kaz also reports back from the 2010 Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH. Plus, co-op cow herding in Red Dead Redemption, “boffing equipment,” Daniel Stern and out-of-reach Agility Orbs.

Episode 143: Kojima’s Korner

Through your ears and into your dreams, this week’s show is sure to keep you up at night. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker disrupts Nick, Tom and Tony’s sleep cycles, but that doesn’t stop them from getting into their offline lovebox. Meanwhile, Justin and Tom pray to cyber-elf Beesus in Mega Man Zero Collection and Kaz unleashes* a doghouse death orgy in Snoopy: Flying Ace. Plus, the blood-soaked side of E3, Justin merch and respawning bears.


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