TRP 6/24/15: Massive Palace

Episode350SmallPC Building, flop sweats, VR gaming optimism, Batman: Arkham Knight woes, Massive Palace jokes and Hearthstone and Terraria updates. All that and more in an action packed episode of The Pack!

TRP 6/24/15: The Most Important Physics

Episode349SmallThe pack gathers to dissect the most important non-controversy of the week, the early feelings on Massive Chalice and Kaz and Neil gush about about space sims in the context of Elite: Dangerous on the Xbox One.

TRP 6/16/15: Long Distance Roundabout

Tguardshe Last Guardian lives! Final Fantasy VII Remake is real! Shenmue continues! It’s been a crazy E3 week – so many impossible announcements and intriguing games. As always, the Pack weighs in on the highs and lows.

TRP 6/9/15: Prognostication

Episode347SmallJustin, Kaz, Mcfadden and Tony gather to briefly talk NBA Finals, look back at the top games of the first half of 2015 and look forward to the potential of E3. Plus, they make some of the least bold predictions imaginable. Oh and more gushing about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which might also make an appearance in the first discussion.

TRP 6/2/15: Is It Too Early to Talk GOTY?

Episode346SmallThe pack gathers this week to talk about the disturb in the force you all felt a couple of days ago. That wasn’t just any disturbance, that was Justin going full on Nintendo-fanboy when the Chibi Robo Amiibo was announce. He apologizes for the disturbance in electrical service and the distruption of traffic patterns. Please resume your daily lives as soon as possible.


Oh, also we discuss Splatoon and The Witcher 3.

TRP 5/20/15: Mid Day Scares

The pack attacks Our Darker Purpose, Justin hides in the daylight from PT and Kaz keeps getting dirty in DiRT Rally.Episode345Small

TRP 5/13/15: This Week on Bottom Gear

Episode344SmallDistractions abound as the crew takes on the pre-E3 lull and talk about defining “the game of a generation”. Plus Kaz talks about ProjectCARS, a racing game whose name can actually be remembered by other podcast members. It has CARS right in the name!!!

TRP 5/5/15: Return to Baby Park

Episode343SmallThis week the pack discusses a lot of Nintendo. From their feelings on DLC Pack 2 for Mario Kart 8 to Justin’s desire for Nintendo-as-a-service to modern Nintendo classics in the form of an impromptu Pikmin discussion. Yes, this may be Justin’s favorite episode of all time.

TRP 4/28/15: The Three Year Kick

Episode342SmallThe week Kaz, McFadden, Neil and Tony delve into Broken Age Act 2, the realities of a 3 year kickstarter game and the merits of the final product. The crew discusses the slow death of Konami and the bad luck Guillermo del Toro has with game projects. Finally, everyone begins to realize Tony was right all along about Crypt of the Necrodancer, especially now that it’s a real, final product.

TRP 4/21/15: Those Fat Cat Marths

roysDown with Roy and his Fire Emblem cronies! There’s more Smash Bros. mudslinging to go around this week, but the Pack also sneaks in some summer movie anticipation as well. Afterwards, Affordable Space Adventures co-op clusterfun, hunting down Titan Souls, MOBA madness and more.

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