Pipe-dreams come true

It all started on my 5th birthday, when my Uncle Frank made that fateful decision to put a Nintendo Entertainment system into my little, unknowing, kindergarten hands. I really wish I could go back and watch that moment — to see that look in my eyes when I got to hold that huge NES box for the first time…and have absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into.


I hate this kid. Read more

How about a general update?


“What’s crackin’, lil’ bitches?”

Jazz, Transformers, 2007

I’m sure many of you have been wondering why the hell I haven’t been updating my blog recently. To those two people, I must apologize. It’s not as if I didn’t realize that I haven’t been keeping up, but things have been getting kind of busy recently, both socially and professionally. So, in an effort to not seem like other lazy members of the podcast who never update their blogs, ::COUGH COUGH::, I’ve decided that I’ll be posting about twice a week from here on out. A little ambitious you say? Well dear reader, just know that I care about you and want to provide you with a bit more content than what’s available on the podcast.

That, and I always have a little bit more I’d like to say.

Plus, I want to develop my writing skills.

Oh, and be funny too, I want to do that.

And have something else to do at work.

You could say it’s a little self-serving, and you just might be right.
You also might be completely wrong, but hey, you’re taking that chance, not me.

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Take a deep Breath…

BOF 2 logo

Take a deep breath.

No really, expand those sissy-lungs of yours and suck in all the glory.

Now breath it ALLLLLLLLL OUT.

If what exits your mouth resembles the logo you see above…

Run for your life.

Cause I’m coming after you.

No, not really.

It’s not your fault that you birthed something so shoddy. In fact, I’m pretty convinced that there was a whole team of talented translators working around the clock on this gem after it was released in Japan. They probably worked day and night, night and day, struggling with the intricacies, nuances, and differences between English and Japanese to bring us top-notch translations that leave nothing to the imagination. Read more

King me, baby!

I’ve earned my axe. Now where’s my crown?


So many of you (all 2, 3?) must be wondering why we here at the Rumble Pack don’t update our blogs that often. “Surely,” you think, “it must be because there is no news truly worth blogging about.” Well sir, I must admit that you are very insightful…and horribly naive. See over here in Cleveland we’ve got a huge case of the LAZIES. Sure we can get together to do the cast every week…but update a website? My dear sage, who, pray think, HAS that kind of time?

Well now that I work…I do. Whoopee!

And what more wonderful way to start off my return to the Rumble Pack blogs than with the news of my exciting accomplishment.

You see that screen-shot up there kids?

Do you see it?

That’s right.

Tonight, on Tuesday, September 5th, 2007, I’ve finished something I set out to do in September of last year.

I’ve become a Guitar Hero.

AWESOME. Read more


Alright folks, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been paying entirely TOO much attention to E3 this year, even though we’ve said ourselves here at the rumblepack that this year’s conference would probably be pretty disappointing. Yet here I am, giddy like a schoolgirl who’s just made the cheerleading team. Thanks to news at E3, I’m pretty sure that in the next few months we’re going to see the best line-up of games across all 3 consoles that I can ever remember. Yippie-kay-yay, mother f*cker, get those controllers at the ready.

So instead of going through all the big 3 (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) and spouting what I like of each of them, I think I’ll just go through and list the things that I’m most excited for, starting with Adonis Golden Ratio review

Release date SET!

DECEMBER 3, 2007!


Seriously Nintendo, 6 years is too long to wait for another smash.

(Btw, Donkey Kong’s back!)

Honestly, if that’s all of the information I got out of E3, I’d be thrilled. But we’ve got more. Read more

Gaming after College

I think everyone above the age of 22 who’s held a controller in their hands has at some point thought to themselves “man, aren’t I too old for this?” The answer, unfortunately, is not something that I know for sure. The question itself, however, has become much more relevant to me since I graduated in May, so I wanted to spend a little time discussing it.

I find it extremely unfortunate that telling someone that you enjoy “gaming” puts you at risk of your maturity coming under question. People love games, no matter what the type – video games, board games, role playing games, card games, mind games, and sports. So why does someone fall under scrutiny if they list games, particularly video games, as one of their favorite past times? Read more

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