TRP 04/26/17: Fighting In Your Underwear

Kaz, Neil and McFadden gather to discuss the announcement of the Xbox Scorpio random numbers and terms, the tragic end of the Nintendo NES Classic, the shaky future of VR investment, solving mysteries on a train in Blackwood Crossing and fighting on an island in your underwear in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

TRP 10/21/16: Switch Hitters

Justin hops on for a very special discussion of a 3 minute long video. We talk for much longer than that about the Nintendo Switch, but then again everyone on the internet is. After that, Neil and Justin tell us about the first week with the PlayStation VR and McFadden and Justin talk Paper Mario: Color Splash.Episode378

TRP 10/07/16: Virtual Perfection

Kaz, Tony and McFadden discuss the finer points of middle eastern diplomacy in the subtle way that only they can. Also some VR outsider talk and love for Forza Horizon 3.


Why Game of Thrones is ruining A Song of Ice and Fire

For years now I have delicately danced around major plot points in the ASOIAF universe. Every situation where the TV series or books come up starts with: “Where are you? What’s the last thing that happened?” Everyone’s entry point into the series has been disparate and I so cherished my times getting shocked by each turn of the page that I want, desperately, to preserve that experience for every that I talk to.

This post contains spoilers up to the Season 6, Episode 3

See? Even though the show has “caught up” to the books and even passed them I still can’t help but protect the few secrets that remain.

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QuickReview: Firewatch

I really wish I liked Firewatch more. As a concept I like these walking-simulator games, they play to what I sometimes want out of video games. Atmosphere, story, deep-insights into the human condition. It’s that last part that I loved the most about last year’s Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and once again it’s the strongest part of these types of games.


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Physical Fatness: Update 2

So I thought it would be good to check in on January and February progress on increasing my activity and reducing that all important statistic: fatness (weight).

I’m down 10 lbs since the beginning of the year, which isn’t as fast as I’d like. It’s a little under a pound a week, and my goal was to be in-between 1-1.5lbs if possible. I still need some work on dietary restriction but how am I doing on activity?

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TRP 3/3/16: Our Fire Watch Has Ended

Kaz and Neil sit down to share awkward stories of being abroad and revel in opinions on Firewatch.

TRP 01/26/16: Fix It In Post

Tony, Kaz and McFadden plumb the darkest depths of Adam Sandler’s career, navigating gems and garbage alike. To lighten the mood they discuss the nightmarish hell of Darkest Dungeon and the cerebral horror of SOMA. Thank goodness for those breezy titles.

Physical Fatness: Update 1

As I blogged before I’ve been trying to increase (and track) my daily activity for consistently. I’ve been pretty good about the tracking portion of that, just not the increasing part just yet.

Let’s take a look at October:


I’m definitely doing better so far in November for comparison:


The success I started seeing increasing my steps and activity at the end of October has rolled into November but I still haven’t hit the 10,000 step goal on any days. I just need to keep increasing the length of walks I take with Ghost to get over that hump on a day.

I’ve gotten to almost 2 miles on a walk, and the puppy seems to be able to handle it well enough. I keep having to remember that he had surgery less than a year ago to remove excess cartilage from his elbow. So I can’t push the dog too far, but he seems to enjoy short jogs and longer walks lately so I should get them in before old man winter rolls in for an extended visit.

As far as calorie tracking goes I have a hard time remaining consistent. I dutifully track breakfast, lunch and mid-work snacks but find it hard to get in a rhythm tracking dinner or snack that occur at home. Something about the regimented way I go thought he work day lends itself to building habits. But the moment I cross the front door into my house it all goes out the window for some reason.

I have reduced portion sizes a bit as a result of the tracking I’ve been able to remember to do. Especially limiting the over-eating I was doing at lunch. But I still need to get some traction with dinner and reducing the amount of eating out I’m doing.

Lord only knows what will happen to my self control through Thanksgiving next week. Pray for my belt.

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