Episode 128: Mutated Monkeyshines

This week, the Pack chats with the legendary Max Schaefer, one of the minds behind the Diablo series and CEO of Torchlight developer Runic Games. Schaefer discusses the game’s development, ties to Blizzard, a forgotten Lynx classic and even a few tidbits on the studio’s upcoming MMO. Later, Justin, Tom and Tony dive into Toy Soldiers mint-condition battlefield, Nick hunts down Zeus in God of War II and Kaz suggests that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 might be the ultimate modern warrior. Plus, the Activision vs. Infinity Ward brouhaha and a return to the Aperture laboratory.

Editor’s Note: Late in the interview, some of the sound was distorted as we brought Skype to its knees with far more conference call participants than recommended.


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