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Published February 2, 2010

As usual, it’s another quantity-over-quality week from Nintendo’s download services. This time, I’ll be looking at the very first RPG for the DSi Store and a game that turns the camera into a makeshift tilt sensor. Additionally, there are a couple new card games and an “express” version of Nintendo’s True Swing Golf. Ordinarily, I shy away from those mini-editions, but like many early DS games, this one might be tougher to find at retail.

On the Wii, there’s a new episode of Monkey Island, something entitled Tumblebugs 2 and an Alex Kidd game. I’d love to try the first two, but I don’t have enough in my coffers to buy everything. Oh, and nobody likes or has ever liked Alex Kidd. Sorry, pal.

Legends of Exidia
800 Points

I’m of two minds regarding this first hack-and-slash RPG for the system. Aesthetically, it’s as generic as they come – orc-ish lookin’ dudes, slimes, warring fantasy nations and just about everything else you’ve come to expect from a lower-tier 16-bit quest. The swordplay is competent, but on a handheld inundated with this genre, that doesn’t quite cut it. Even so, I can’t write it off completely. While the gameplay is forgettable, there are little details throughout that made me sit back and realize that at least a few people cared about this project. For instance, an early assault on a castle features dozens of fallen soldiers, zip lines, dozens of explosions – none of these flourishes would’ve made the cut if this was some quick cash-in. Again, I wouldn’t recommend this one by any means, but it’s sadly not the worst I’ve seen either. (UPDATE: Apparently this is a cell-phone port, though. So much for that “not a cash-in” comment.)

Move Your Brain Rollway Puzzle
500 Points

Move Your Brain, on the other hand, is a shameful turd. On paper, its use of the camera is intriguing. The developer attempted to recreate the iPhone’s tilt control by using your head as a focal point for the camera as you roll a beach ball to the goal. As you move the DSi, the camera tracks where your head is in relation to the background. The best case scenario would have been a decent Super Monkey Ball or Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble clone. Unfortunately, as we saw at launch from that lousy WarioWare sampler, the DSi just isn’t up to the task; the controls just never work properly. Once the walls disappear, the game’s poor calibration constantly sends you over the edge. A waste of five bucks.

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