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Published January 31, 2008

So I when I was thinking about what I should write this evening, I was considering doing another general update in which I’d talk about all the things I’ve gotten recently.

But then I thought, “eh…I’d kind of like to write something a little more meaningful.” So here’s what I’ve been thinking about this past week: My role.

We all have one. At our jobs, with our friends, in our families. Regardless of whether or not there’s a purpose to us being there, we all take on some kind of role within the groups and environments we encounter. It’s human nature.

Some people kind of fall into the roles they’re in – they’ve got no choice but to play their part for whatever reason. They go with what they’re given; either thrive at what they do, or are miserable. Either way, their roles sort of seem kind of random at first. Whether or not they’re meant to take on those roles is determined by too many things to list.

Other people actively seek out and take on their roles. They identify what they need to be doing, and figure out how they can play their part effectively. They seem to be in control of what we call “destiny.”

I think I’ve done a pretty good job of identifying what my role is or has been throughout the different environments I’ve found myself in during my life. I always try to be that second type of person – the one that actively seeks out and creates his own role. I try to identify how I can contribute, and work as hard as I can to make the scene I’m involved in more “complete.”

So what role can I play here at the Rumble Pack? How can I contribute something unique to the group that in some way makes us more complete? I think the answer has to do with my favorite language of all time: Japanese.

The threads that link my interests, Japan and the video game industry together are so intertwined that it could take 3 years worth of blog entries to sort everything out. Games have helped to spur my love for the language, and my love for the language translates back into more love for the games. Throughout the past five years I’ve given thousands upon thousands of hours of my life to unlock the secrets to the language and culture that have so generously contributed to the medium I love. It’s been tough at points, but the rewards have been incredible.

I have Japanese family and friends that I cherish more than I can describe.

I have access to a culture that speaks to my soul.

I have a deeper understanding of what makes my hobby so special.

And I have the ability to share these things now with people who haven’t had the opportunity to experience them.

I’ve always thought of my language abilities to be somewhat of a gift; at first a gift to myself, but now a gift that I’m free to give to those around me.

I want to share what I know, my passion for this language and this culture, and give this podcast an informed perspective about why things are the way they are – at least on the Japanese end of things.

And that…

is my role.

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