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Published November 6, 2007

This intro brought to you buy Justin’s massive vocal cords. 

Nick, Tom, Justin and Kaz raid the internet airwaves to bring you their thoughts on all things gaming. Justin has been hacking away at his PSP titles while Tom has been hacking away his should while trying to best Guitar Hero III at its own game. Nick has been giving love to his PS3 in the form of punishing himself with Ninja Gaiden while Kaz busies himself by trying to play every game that releases on the Xbox360. Conversation turns to contemplating Mario’s previous outings in preparation for Galaxy. No discussion of Mario is complete this week without talking about the lackluster Japanese sales and the crew doesn’t hold back. Heaps of news rundown to follow. Enjoy!

Note: Some audio glitches occur during our recording with our overseas correspondent. Usually they are removed, this week they resulted in Tom using the worst possible pun imaginable and have been left in to preserve his shame forever.

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